"Reimagining MTA"


How do you renovate a 100-year-old building

Without sacrificing the design intent of a historic landmark - bringing the building up to 21st century standards both in form, function and design?


The WBG was Hired

To provide a project based plan - comprehensively evaluating the existing building, and providing costs for multiple projects within the building to allow the school to understand, from a fundraising perspective, what their total exposure would be - the collateral not only allowed them to understand what their financial sensitivity would be, but the renderings that were developed provided support to use as collateral to go out to the community for fundraising purposes.

How do we do it?

  • Objectively recommending project strategies without being restricted by brand, manufacturer, design, or any other limitation.
  • Acting as liaison and owner's advocate between all parties involved with a project.
  • Applying our specific expertise at the planning and programming stages, when coordination and communication is crucial to a successful project.
  • Offering an opportunity of choices that no contractor, architect, builder or project manager can offer.
  • Resourcing design in a way that ensures the most value without sacrificing design integrity.
  • Managing the entire scope of the project, from start to finish, down to the last detail. There is no problem we will not find a solution for.
  • The WBG guarantees complete objectivity by only recommending project strategies and product solutions that are best for the application.
  • Explore the case studies below that are prime examples of the unique services and solutions that the Whalen Berez Group brings to any project.